Doctor Sleep: Criticism of the Shining Continuation

 Cinema visitors can expect the long-awaited sequel to The Shining with Doctor Sleep. The film officially starts, but only in a few weeks. But already there are first voices of the press, who were allowed to see the movie prematurely. What they report may sound very interesting to many fans of The Shining. Here you can read all about the first reviews of Doctor Sleep.
The new Stephen King adaptation Doctor Sleep caused a stir among many international colleagues. While some critical voices are there, the majority came with positive experiences from the idea. Scott Menzel, editor-in-chief of Love Entertainment, was particularly impressed. He describes Doctor Sleep as the best Stephen King film adaptation since The Shawshank Redemption. On Twitter, he speaks of a perfect combination of nostalgia, suspense and mystery. But other critics draw the comparison between Doctor Sleep and The Convicted. The film starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins is considered one of the 250 best films of all time. Of course, this only upsets the expectations of many fans.
Heather Wixson of Daily Dead is also excited about director Mike Flanagan's latest work. For them, Doctor Sleep is clearly the best movie adaptation of 2019: "It's been a good year for Stephen King adaptations, but I think Doctor Sleep is the best of them, the movie has entertained me in an unexpected way, it's emotional and Rebecca Ferguson is just great, what a wonderful celebration of Kubrick, King and Mike Flanagan's career. " And that means something, of course. After all, this year we also saw the Stephen King adaptations of ES 2 and cuddly cemetery.
In a few weeks you can then make yourself an opinion about the Shining sequel. Doctor Sleeps Awakening will be released on November 21, 2019 in German cinemas. The trailer for the horror shocker can now be found in our video player.

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