Fast And Furious: New Series With The Daughter Of Vin Diesel

 The Fast And Furious Universe continues to grow: In addition to new feature films in the main series and Hobbs And Shaw, a series called Spy Racers is now planned, with the launch date and cast being unveiled. Even the real daughter of fast and furious legend Vin Diesel is on board. In the summer, fans could already look forward to the spin-off Fast And Furious: Hobbs And Shaw. Now it will continue on Netflix soon with replenishment. The upcoming animated series Fast And Furious: Spy Racers is aimed at a much younger audience. Now the cast of the speaking roles and an official start date are fixed.
A first trailer for the series already existed in July. But then it stayed quiet for a long time around the animated newcomer. That is changing now, because there is a flood of new details. As Collider found out, Spy Racers is starting soon. Fast And Furious: Spy Racers launches a holiday start and is scheduled to start on December 26, 2019.
A synopsis to the plot was included on top and already sounds very much like the main series. Teenage Tony Toretto (Dom Toretto's cousin) is hired by the government with some friends to investigate an elite racing league. Because this league is just the cover up of a criminal organization called SH1FT3R. The bad guys are doing it on the world rule. The series is also produced by Vin Diesel, among others. Included is a whole list of characters and speakers:
Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) as Tony Toretto.
Camille Ramsey (American Vandal) as Layla Gray, a gifted young racer working for SH1FT3R.
Luke Youngblood (Harry Potter) as Frostee Benson, a 13-year engineering genius.
Similce Diesel as Sissy, Frosted little sister.
Charlet Chung (Overwatch) as Echo, a talented artist with a special talent for spying.
Jorge Diaz (Jane the Virgin) as Cisco Renaldo, the man for the rough and at the same time the good soul of the team.
From the second Christmas holiday should then be free rein for Spy Racers. If you fancy Fast And Furious in a slightly different style, this is the place for you. If you want to watch the first short trailer for Spy Racers, check out our video player.
Source: Collider

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