New Party Drink – And what Donald Trump has to do with it

 The inventors of the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT and the Karting KartCoaster are developing a completely new party cocktail mixer. On many bottles of soft drinks, the TrumpGun can be screwed on. Common shots with whiskey, vodka or other alcoholic beverages are provided with a drip tray and screwed to the side of the TrumpGun. If you drink from the TrumpGun attached to the bottle, alcohol from the docked shot will automatically mix with the drink flowing through the TrumpGun.
If you screw several TrumpGun in series to the bottle with the non-alcoholic drink you can dock different shots and mix an individual cocktail while drinking.
"Try It & Love It: Your Party Life Wants Change Today!" says the CEO of HeineMack GmbH in Nuremberg, Michael Mack. The TrumpGun is the ideal Christmas present and the party hit for New Year's Eve, the carnival as well as celebrations & festivals.In the next few weeks we will be launching our own TrumpGun shots with a TrumpGun whiskey , a TrumpGun vodka, a TrumpGun rum and a TrumpGun liqueur, "says Mack.
Here in the video you can look at the new Trump-Gun in detail. Happy party-making!

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