SchleFaZ: The Worst Christmas Movies on TV – The Complete List 2019

 What a shitty pre-Christmas time, every Friday on TELE 5 – wonderful! At "SchleFaZ – the worst films of all time" there is a slaughtering Santa Claus, a honey sweet stinging fly drama, the thunderbolt of Zeus and of course an absolute shark light! Oh you happy! From the 29th of November at 22:20 pm on TELE 5 – Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten will sweeten the advent season on Fridays with scrap movies of the very best. Advent, Advent – the beehive burns … our flowery-to-bee-prickly-pure-blooded B-Movie-catastrophe-hit The BEES aka OPERATION DEATH TRIBE deserves the beginning of our Advent Season 2019.
And there are actually even more brilliant movie flutes detuned under the Christmas tree: three more Kackfilme, with which Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten the boring Advent time again wonderfully trashy shorten as on St. Nicholas' Day December 06 "SchleFaZ: Santa's Slay", then on 13. December "SchleFaZ: The New Adventures of Hercules" and on 20 December finally a real shark light: "SchleFaZ: 6-Headed Shark Attack".
These are the films of the Advent Season: 29.11.2019 SchleFaZ: The Bees – Operation Todesstachel, 10:20 pm
06.12.2019 SchleFaZ: Santa's Slay – Bloody Christmas, 10pm
13.12.2019 SchleFaZ: The new adventures of Hercules, 22.00 hours
20.12.2019 SchleFaZ: 6-Headed Shark Attack, 10:20 pm

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