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The Story for The Pool Trailer: Young Day works for a film crew shooting a commercial in a disused swimming pool. After the shooting is over, Day wants to relax a bit and sleeps on an air mattress in the pool. When he wakes up again, half of the water has run out. All around, the mirror-smooth walls are towering high. The edge of the pool is out of reach. The crew has long gone home. When Days girlfriend ends up in a pool accident and a krocodil shows up, a merciless battle for survival begins.Actor: Theeradej Wongpuapan, Ratnamon Ratchiratham
Director: Ping Lumpraploeng
Screenplay: Ping Lumpraploeng
Background: With THE POOL, the Thai director Ping Lumpraploeng, who also wrote the screenplay, manages a creative high-concept thriller in the style of Open Water, The Shallows and Crawl. His "crocodile-chamber play" is as compelling as "incredibly vicious" (SLASHFILM) and surprises with dramatic twists, nasty accidents and exciting ideas that do not need to hide from the great creature and catastrophe movies. The interpersonal drama is provided by talented protagonists Theeradej Wongpuapan (Day) and Ratnamon Ratchiratham, whose girlfriend Koi plays.
Cast: Theeradej WongpuapanDayRatnamon RatchirathamKoi

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