Vampire Diaries: Biggest Star Wants to Participate in Spin-Off Series

 The universe of Vampire Diaries has been constantly expanding for a long time. Years after the main story, spin-offs are becoming increasingly important. For all fans who can not get enough of Mystic Falls, there is the offshoot Legacies. Actor Ian Somerhalder would like to be there again, albeit in an unexpected role. After the end of Vampire Diaries, many viewers were far from enough. The main series was followed by The Originals, the first spin-off about the bloodsuckers. Legacies then followed, focusing on Hope Mikaelson. Showrunner Julie Plec already revealed that there could be future guest appearances of the original stars in Legacies. Soon, however, a much older acquaintance could return to his roots, which should make for fans of the main series of excitement.
Ian Somerhalder knows fans the first hour as Damon. Now he seems to miss his time on the set of Vampire Diaries. As it became clear in the conversation with Entertainment Tonight, he would like to get involved with Legacies. Not in his usual role as a vampire. In fact, he does not even want to step in front of the camera.
Instead, Somerhalder has much more interest in being a spin-off director. The idea came from his old co-star Paul Wesley, who directed Legacies, "I'd love to direct Legacies on an episode, Paul Wesley did that and then called me, 'Bro, that's totally crazy! '"
When and if Sommerhalder can actually be there is still unclear. But since Paul Wesley was already on the Legacies director's chair place, Somerhalder should actually stand in the way. You want to see more of Somerhalder by then? From the 5th of December 2019 you will see the actor in the bloody series V Wars. The trailer can now be found under this text.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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